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Katie reached out to me mid 2014 and I was excited to be apart of her big day. As months went by I heard stories about her mother being very sick. A miracle happened for this family and Katie’s mom was able to fight through her sickness and attend her daughters wedding. It was very important for me to show her mother being involved in this video and to remind viewers that Miracles really do happen. Katie’s Father Dan gave a speech congratulating Justin and his Beautiful Bride and mentioned his lovely wife and how happy he was for her to be there.

“As many of you know, its a miracle that she’s even here with us tonight. Because of the prayers from a lot of you, maybe all of you, she was able to pull through and be here with us tonight.” – Dan (Father of Bride)

This was my very first Catholic wedding so I was limited to distance from the bride and groom. Thankfully the location gave me amazing scenery to use to make up for it. Cooperation from Katie and Justin made this video what it is, and I appreciate it greatly! Many people (including myself) are camera shy when put on the spot. When you have a couple that will work with you and get past the shyness, that’s when the magic happens.

Congratulations to Katie & Justin and again, thank you for having me be apart of your big day.