Shante & Tyler


In planning a wedding, the first thing most couples do is book a photographer however they rarely budget in a videographer. My husband and I last minute made the decision that we would like our wedding to be videotaped. Honestly it was the best decision we ever made in regards to the wedding. We met with Doug literally one week before the wedding he made the meeting seamless. We were able to express to Doug the people who we are, how we met, and what we wanted for our special day. In the end of the meeting we walked away feeling refreshed! The day of the wedding as a bride your nerves are all over the place and emotions are going crazy, Doug made the process effortless and even fun. When we viewed our wedding video for the first time he was able to capture every moment. The video took our breath away. If you are thinking about a videographer Doug Davis is the way to go!!!!

– Shante

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