Katie & Justin

“Doug was so amazing. Words can’t even describe what a beautiful job he did. My guests were in awe of him while he was working, and they couldn’t believe how incredible the end result was. He was on time, professional, very kind, and he had so many amazing ideas. By the end of my wedding, I was so tired of making decisions, so he chose the music for my video and it paired perfectly with the overall look of the video. My mom watches it at least three times a day. It was shown probably 100 times at Thanksgiving. No one hasn’t seen it yet. And it was an amazing option for my guests who didn’t make it to the wedding. They didn’t have to sit there and watch like a 10 hour long play-by-play. It summed up our day perfectly. The most common thing said to me after watching my video wasn’t “He did such a beautiful job” it was “Do you still have his contact info, because I’m hiring him for my wedding.” or “for my daughter/son’s wedding” or “hell, I’ll get married again just to have that!” Every single person who has seen it has said something along those lines.

It’s a no-brainer that hiring Doug was one of the best decisions of my wedding, and it will be the best decision of yours, too.”

– Katie H. 

Look No Further.