Kathleen & Eric

I don’t even know what to say that hasn’t already been said! Doug is literally amazing! His work is amazing! It speaks for itself! As a bride, you can’t watch one of Doug’s wedding videos without immediately deciding that you need to have him take a video of the best day of your life! His videos are so beautiful and personal that you feel like you were there and you know the couple. I met Doug when he did my sister’s wedding. My now husband and I decided before we were even engaged that no matter what, Doug would be at our wedding! And sure enough, I booked him two days after I got the ring!
The day of the wedding, everyone felt comfortable with Doug dancing around us gracefully as we got ready. He worked well with all of our venders! Everyone I spoke with enjoyed his presence and talked about how they couldn’t wait to see the finished product. And to their surprise, we all were able to see highlights of the day at the reception. The video is beautiful! And I’m so glad that I have something to share with my family that wasn’t there and my future children that perfectly captures how magical our day really was!

– Kathleen

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